Skyflow + BambuMeta

Use case
New York, NY

BambuMeta is a decentralized platform that lets brands build more thoughtful experiences for their customers. Privacy and security are critical for building brand trust, so BambuMeta depends on Skyflow to isolate, protect, and govern sensitive customer data.

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About BambuMeta

The retail industry is evolving rapidly. Brands have more touch points than ever before with potential customers – social media, website, email, and so on – and in turn, those customers have evolved their expectations for brand experiences.

BambuMeta lets brands engage customers in a way that better follows their natural lifecycle: effectively, organically, and on their terms. For the customer, this means simpler, more thoughtful experiences with the brands they love. And for brands, it means adding sophistication to their customer engagements without risking their relationships with their customers.

Brands are using BambuMeta’s blockchain-powered services based on smart contracts  to connect familiar Web2 infrastructure and new Web3 technologies.

“With Skyflow, we’re anticipating a 410% return on investment (ROI) over a three-year period. Skyflow’s intuitive integration framework and phenomenal onboarding team got us online quickly, so we’ll see our investment pay for itself in less than six months.”

Will Esclusa, cTo

Business Challenge

Without BambuMeta, when brands and retailers engage customers via Web3 initiatives, they expose themselves to greater security, economic, and UX challenges. Worse yet, they potentially expose their customers’ sensitive personal data – names, dates of birth, mailing and email addresses, etc. – to unknown actors.

To compete in today’s retail market, brands must learn to navigate uncharted territory as they aim to advance their loyalty and commerce programs. At the same time, they need to protect their customers’ sensitive data, digital assets, and wallets from security breaches and from the volatility of crypto markets. For brands and retailers, managing these risks well is critical to protecting customer trust.

Grant Hearn, Product Offering Manager at BambuMeta, said “Putting consumer data back in the hands of the customer, where they can now manage their data visibility permissions across all brands they interact with, is at the epicenter of BambuMeta. Ensuring customer data is protected and secured through distributed technology is a core value of BambuMeta’s transparent methodology, and it’s a value we extend to the brands we support and the consumers they interact with, too.”

The Skyflow Solution

BambuMeta chose Skyflow because it provides the most comprehensive and advanced data privacy solution on the market.

BambuMeta has now deployed Skyflow to safeguard any sensitive data that flows between the consumer, brand, digital assets, and the blockchain. To maximize the privacy and security of each brand’s sensitive customer data, even BambuMeta doesn’t possess access to this sensitive information.

“With Skyflow, we  reduced our integration development times by 65% — an efficiency boost that will result in cost savings of over $3.7 million over three years. And, our customers have saved approximately $2.3 million by retiring previous integration solutions", said Will Esclusa.

Each consumers’ data is first isolated in BambuMeta’s Skyflow Vault where it is protected using Skyflow’s unique polymorphic encryption techniques. With all sensitive consumer data isolated, BambuMeta protects that data using Skyflow’s fine-grained access controls.


Consumer data is sent directly to Skyflow Data Privacy Vault from the client. Skyflow securely encrypts and isolates that data away from BambuMeta’s backend system.


Skyflow returns a tokenized record identifier to the client.


This tokenized record identifier is sent to BambuMeta’s backend system, where it’s stored for later use.

“Skyflow is the certified leader in data privacy. With Skyflow, BambuMeta can focus on doing what it does best: helping brands to cultivate valuable relationships with consumers without sacrificing privacy, security, and compliance.”