Reduce Compliance Scope and Maximize Payment Flexibility

Offload PCI compliance for card acceptance while avoiding vendor lock-in so you can work with any payment processor or gateway.

How Skyflow Helps

Store your customer credit cards with your PCI-compliant Skyflow Data Privacy Vault. Connect to any third-party payment processor or gateway service to process payments.


Skyflow stores credit card data in a secure, PCI-compliant vault and returns tokens.


Non-sensitive tokens are stored in the application database to initiate the card acceptance process.


Skyflow detokenizes sensitive card data and sends it securely to the payment processor. 

Why Skyflow

Fast-track your PCI compliance and remove all sensitive payment card data from your environment.

Reduce Compliance Scope

Quickly achieve and maintain PCI compliance with Skyflow. Use Skyflow’s modern APIs and SDKs to get started, and easily expand to protect other types of sensitive data.

Maximize Payment Flexibility

Gain control over your sensitive customer data with Skyflow and avoid vendor lock-in. Easily switch to a different provider to boost profits or avoid outages, without any hassle or delay.

Decrease Cost

Boost conversion rates, minimize declined transactions, and optimize transaction performance by orchestrating payments across multiple processors – all while keeping credit card data secure, with Skyflow Data Privacy Vault.


“We chose Skyflow to isolate and secure PCI in the vault so we can reduce our overall compliance scope and be payment processor agnostic. The data privacy vault in our architecture allows us to isolate the sensitive data from the point of collection and radically simplifies our security, privacy and compliance requirements.”

Tushar Vaish, CTO

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What is a Data Privacy Vault?

Learn how to create a vault and connect it to Stripe for card acceptance.