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Every day, we trust our sensitive data with companies to buy medicines, to fly on airplanes, to get loyalty points, to get our salaries and many more. The team at Skyflow is dedicated to ensuring that this data is stored and utilized safely and securely.



Skyflow was founded in 2019 to radically transform how businesses handle their users’ financial, healthcare and other personal data – the data that powers the digital economy.

Our inspiration was the zero trust Data Privacy Vaults pioneered by companies like Apple and Netflix to protect, store, and manage the sensitive customer information that’s critical to their businesses.

Our mission is to solve the world’s ever-growing data privacy problem by delivering Data Privacy Vaults via a simple and elegant API, so that every app, system, and workflow can provide best-of-breed data privacy. Our API makes it easy to add data privacy to an app – like adding payments to an app with Stripe. This lets companies protect sensitive data without sacrificing data usability, so they can focus on their key features and innovate faster.

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If you’re passionate about data privacy, we’d love for you to join us. Our expanding, global team is made up of ambitious, talented, and collaborative people who are all focused on making data privacy accessible to all. It’s no small feat, but we’re up for the challenge. Are you?

Skyflow Headquarters
195 Page Mill Road, Suite 111
Palo Alto, CA 94306

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Skyflow India
1st Floor, Gopala Complex
Residency Road
Bangalore, Karnataka 560025, India

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