What if privacy
had an API?

Skyflow’s data privacy vaults deliver
security, compliance and governance via
a simple API

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“Skyflow has taken the best ideas of data vaults built at companies like Netflix and delivered them as a service with a simple Stripe-like API. They can solve use cases that most vault efforts struggle with!”
Jitender Aswani, Head of Data and Eng, Moveworks and former Head of Security/Privacy Eng, Netflix
“Skyflow 's approach is radically simple. An API for all your PII data privacy. It's obvious once you think about it.”
Kalpesh Kapadia, CEO, Deserve
“We were up and running on Skyflow in just hours, rather than the months it would take to build and implement even a fraction of this data privacy rigor.”
Boe Hartman, CTO, Nomi Health and former CTO Goldman Sachs
“Skyflow’s patient-centric data privacy vault is the right approach.”
Jonathan Bush, Chairman, Firefly Health, and former CEO, AthenaHealth
“Digital privacy along with identity and security will only become more important as organizations evolve and grow online.”
Todd McKinnon, CEO of Okta

A Radically Sensible
Approach to Data Privacy

Useable, Secure Data

Skyflow lets you run workflows,
logic and analytics on fully
encrypted data.

Polymorphic Encryption

Skyflow leverages multiple
encryption and tokenization techniques for optimal security.

Advanced Data Control

Manage data residency, access, and policy enforcement, with auditable logs and provenance.

Simple APIs

Get to compliance in minutes, not weeks. Our trusted infrastructure and simple REST and SQL APIs make it easy.

Always Encrypted

Tokenization for compliance, plus an encrypted data store so you can search, analyze, and use secure data.

Your Cloud, Your Schema

Run Skyflow in a virtual private cloud you choose. Use it as secure gateway, zero trust data store, and more.

Zero-Trust Architecture Vault

A zero trust data privacy vault you can build into your systems however you need it. Use Skyflow as the data vault for one app, or a hundred.

Governance & Access Control

Manage compliance and build any workflow with RBAC/ABAC/PBAC rules, plus logging, auditing, and provenance.

Data Loss Protection

Skyflow provides polymorphic encryption, data masking, differential redaction, and more.

Secure Lambda Functions

Invoke pre-built lambda functions to run data logic for common finance, healthcare, and PII use cases.

Secure Data Sharing

Share data with third parties or other systems, without compromising privacy or security.

Easy Integrations

Leverage pre-built integrations to key players in the payments, healthcare, and consumer data ecosystems.

Loved by Developers

Simple but powerful APIs that are a joy to use. You’re going to love building with Skyflow.

Trusted by Security Teams

Smart data governance that gives you precise control over the who, what, when, and where.

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