What if privacy had an API?

Protect your sensitive information with Skyflow’s data privacy vault
Venture Beat
Skyflow raises $17.5 million to bring its data privacy API to more businesses
Tech Crunch
Skyflow raises $17.5M more to help companies protect your personal data
Fierce Healthcare
Data privacy startup Skyflow jumps into digital health passport market to help public spaces reopen
Canvas Ventures
Our Investment in Skyflow: Safeguarding Customer Data with a Privacy API
Principles of Health Data Privacy
Covid-19 use cases have brought new attention to data privacy and security.
Build Fast and Don’t Break Privacy
At Skyflow, our focus is on radically simplifying how companies manage…

Make data privacy a core part of your work, not a bolt-on.

Skyflow’s data privacy vault makes it easy to securely manage, store, and use any kind of personally identifiable information. Compliance with PCI, PHI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA and other regulations is built in.

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Customer Data

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