Snowflake Summit


June 26, 2022 9:00 AM

On Demand

We're sponsoring Snowflake Summit 2023! Learn from hundreds of technical, data, and business experts about what’s possible and what’s next for you in the Snowflake Data Cloud. Come meet the team at Snow Row, booth 1121-A to discuss scalable data residency solutions that support global analytics.



NYSE Interview at RSA 2023 with Anshu Sharma

The NYSE conducted an interview with Anshu Sharma, the CEO and Co-founder of Skyflow, delving into various aspects such as Skyflow's innovative approach, the role of AI, the hurdles faced during the pandemic, and the shortcomings of the cybersecurity market.

June 19, 2023 9:00 AM

Fintech Week London

Join us at Fintech Week London, June 19-23rd. Stop by our booth to see how Skyflow is transforming how fintech companies collect, secure, and use sensitive customer data.

June 13, 2023 5:00 PM

AWS re:Inforce

Join Skyflow Cofounder and CEO, Anshu Sharma at the AWS Cloud Security Roundtable Reception at The Westin Anaheim Resort on June 13th at 5pm for a discussion of data privacy and security.


How a Data Privacy Vault Simplifies Data Residency

Managing and transferring data is becoming more complex as governments define and introduce data residency requirements that restrict where sensitive PII is stored and processed. In this webinar, Skyflow’s Chief Privacy Officer Robin Andruss and Field CTO Manish Ahluwalia provide an introduction to what businesses should know about data residency. They also discuss how the architectural approach of using a data privacy vault ensures data privacy while simplifying data residency compliance.

April 28, 2023 8:09 PM

What if privacy had an API?

Historically, businesses have addressed data privacy and security challenges by building a solution themselves or by stitching together a solution with different tools. But, new privacy regulations and increasing risks posed by malicious actors are making data privacy an ever-changing and increasingly complex space. In this on-demand webinar, we discuss the zero trust data privacy vault architectural pattern, challenges of designing and building a data privacy vault API, and balancing developer ease of use with security and data utility.


HIMSS Accelerate Health Podcast 2022 w/Skyflow

HIMSS' Robert Havasy and Skyflow's CEO, Anshu Sharma, discuss the ever-increasing need for data privacy and security in the healthcare realm, and how Skyflow removes the false dichotomy between protecting your sensitive data, and utilizing it.


How Privacy By Design Powers Innovation

Skyflow's Co-founder and CEO, Anshu Sharma, and Chief Product Officer, Amruta Moktali, discuss how organizations can innovate faster by baking in privacy from day 1.


Your Users Table Doesn't Belong in Your Database

Skyflow's Head of Developer Relations, Sean Falconer, explains why your users table doesn't belong in your database, but belongs in a zero trust data privacy vault instead. Learn what a zero trust data privacy vault is, how it fits in your stack, and see an example application of how you can use a data privacy vault to protect your sensitive customer information — all with just a few lines of code.


Privacy in Depth: A Conversation

This conversation between two thought leaders in data privacy and protection will help engineers, product managers, and architects to navigate the contemporary marketplace of privacy enhancing technologies and data protection services. We'll explore the idea of "Privacy by Architecture" and key insights on the need to tailor different data protection measures to different types of data.

March 23, 2022 10:00 AM

Enabling Data Privacy and Payments with an API

Businesses need to store sensitive data like names, emails, credit cards, and banking information to support features like account creation and payments. But storing sensitive data is a compliance and security burden. And traditional approaches to maintaining data privacy for payments are complicated, full of silos and abstractions. In this technical session, we’ll show how you can enable data privacy and payments with Skyflow and Moov through a live interactive demo.


How APIs Power Privacy, Security, and Compliance

In this episode of Breaking Changes, Postman Chief Evangelist Kin Lane welcomes Anshu Sharma of Skyflow to talk about his journey of building technology products and transforming how businesses handle their users’ financial, healthcare, and other personal data via a simple API.


Data Privacy Vaults 101: How to Isolate, Protect, and Use Your Sensitive Data

Join Skyflow's Product Managers, Akshat Agrawal and Evis Drenova, in a discussion on data privacy, data privacy vault use cases, examples of data privacy vaults in the wild, and a workshop on how to create a (simple) data privacy vault of your own. (Live workshop from fintech_devcon 2021)


Is Privacy Really a Tech Problem? And Who Owns It?

How do you manage your company's privacy program to secure sensitive data in your apps, while also meeting the expectations of customers and other stakeholders? Skyflow's CEO, Anshu Sharma, and DataGrail's CEO, Daniel Barber, share best practices to develop your privacy program, as well as how their customers are approaching privacy.


What if privacy had an API? DojoLIVE

DojoLIVE's Tullio Siragusa and Kim Lantis chat with Skyflow's CEO and Co-founder, Anshu Sharma, to learn about the history of Skyflow, the "bankification" of companies, and the future of data privacy.


Data Privacy in a Composable Architecture

Skyflow's Head of Developer Relations, Sean Falconer, shows how you can solve challenges like data security, privacy, and compliance with a data privacy vault, an architectural pattern that isolates, secures, stores, and tightly controls access to manage and use sensitive data.


A Privacy Professional’s Guide to the Modern Data Privacy Stack

In this session, Skyflow’s Chief Privacy Officer, Robin Andruss, and Co-founder and CEO, Anshu Sharma, share what chief privacy officers and other privacy professionals should know about the landscape of data privacy technology and the best-in-class data privacy technologies that companies can use to tackle common data privacy problems, such as tracking data flows, determining where sensitive data resides, and govern how it is used.


Things I Learned Building Data Privacy Vaults at Netflix

In this live technical session, we’ll get deep into the topic of data privacy vaults. You’ll learn how they work, the benefits as well as challenges associated with them, and alternatives to building your own. Our special guest will be Jitender Aswani, former Head of Security/Privacy Engineering at Netflix, who will share lessons he learned while building these solutions in the real world for the world’s largest movie streaming service.


The Healthtech Innovator’s Guide to Data Privacy, Security, and Compliance

Join us to learn how healthtech organizations are utilizing data privacy vaults to seamlessly and securely collect, protect, and share their data, while preserving patients’ privacy and ensuring HIPAA, SOC 2, GDPR, and CCPA compliance. We’ll talk you through the issues and close with a Q&A session.


API Data Privacy Discussion with APIs You Won’t Hate

Skyflow Head of Developer Relations Sean Falconer talks with APIs You Won’t Hate podcast host Mike Bifulco about how to design APIs for privacy, and how to design APIs with data privacy in mind.


New York Stock Exchange Floor Talk with Anshu Sharma

Anshu Sharma, Skyflow Co-Founder & CEO, joins Judy Shaw, host of NYSE Floor Talk, to discuss how Skyflow Data Privacy Vault is helping businesses securely store their customers' financial, healthcare, and other personal data. Anshu explains what Skyflow is, and how Skyflow isolates and protects sensitive data while making it usable and enabling secure data sharing.


Privacy and Compliance Discussion with Software Engineering Daily

Skyflow Head of Developer Relations Sean Falconer joins the host of Software Engineering daily to discuss the increasing regulatory and consumer pressure on companies to do a better job protecting sensitive customer data. They discuss how to follow the lead of companies like Apple, Netflix, and Google to solve these issues using the data privacy vault architectural approach.


Move Fast and Don’t Break Privacy: An Introduction to Skyflow

Businesses are collecting, storing, and analyzing more data than ever. However, not all data is created equal. Some data, like sensitive user data, is special and requires better protection than other data. In this webinar, we'll discuss how leading companies secure and protect sensitive data using zero trust data privacy vaults. We will introduce and demo Skyflow, a data privacy vault delivered as an API and answer live questions.

November 16, 2022 6:54 PM

Simplify Data Security For Sensitive Information with Skyflow Data Privacy Vault

Skyflow Head of Developer Relations Sean Falconer talks with Data Engineering podcast host Tobias Macey about the value of introducing a data privacy vault as an architectural component of applications and data systems. Using a data privacy vault reduces the complexity involved in keeping sensitive customer information secure and protected.


Build Fintech Faster: An Intro to the Skyflow Fintech Vault, featuring Skyflow Customer Unifimoney

Introducing the Skyflow Fintech Vault, the industry’s first zero trust data vault available as an API. Designed expressly for secure handling of sensitive payments and personal data, it allows fintech teams to quickly build innovative applications without worrying about data security, privacy, or compliance.


a16z Infra #3: What Microsoft Can Teach Us about Technical Product Leadership at Scale

What has allowed Microsoft to get it right across so many product categories — enterprise software, consumer gaming, and the cloud? Clubhouse chat featuring Steven Sinofsky, former President of Microsoft Windows, Bob Muglia, former Snowflake CEO and President of Microsoft Servers and Tools, and Skyflow's CEO, Anshu Sharma.


India's DPDP Bill, and How to Future-proof Compliance

In this webinar, Robin Andruss, Chief Privacy Officer of Skyflow, Niranjan Vemulkar, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Yellow, and Abanish Singh, Head of Legal & Privacy at Vodafone Intelligent Solutions India, discuss India’s upcoming Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill and how businesses can be proactive and adopt future-proof solutions for handling customer data now.


Silo Busting 15: Anshu Sharma and Sam Rehman on Zero Trust Data Vaults

Skyflow's CEO and Co-founder, Anshu Sharma, and Sam Rehman, EPAM's CISO and SVP, discuss how zero trust security vaults can solve the problems around data sharing and protecting privacy.


Infobip Shift 2022: Isolate and Protect Instead of Protecting In-Place

In this talk, we discuss the data privacy vault, a secure, isolated database designed to store, manage, and use sensitive data. Using real-world examples, we'll show how the data privacy vault simplifies and solves data privacy for a number of use cases like PCI data lock-in, de-identification of data in an analytics pipeline, and secure storage and governance of user PII.


CDC 2022: Stop Contaminating Your Database with PII

Your users' table doesn’t belong in your database – it belongs in a data privacy vault, which isolates, secures, stores, and tightly controls access to manage and use sensitive data. In this talk, we explore this topic in detail, making a case that the only way to meet consumer and regulatory demands for data privacy is to stop intermixing application and user data. We’ll walk through a real-world sample application showing how to apply these concepts to a customer support system.


The New Privacy Paradigm

Anshu Sharma, Skyflow's CEO and Co-founder, discusses solving the problem of data privacy with business and technology podcast Zero2Exit's hosts, Neelima Rustagi and Ankur Shah.


Unscripted w/ @jrichlive ft. Anshu Sharma (Skyflow)

Anshu Sharma (Co-founder & CEO, Skyflow) and Jeff Richards (Managing Partner, GGV Capital)—with special guest Glenn Solomon (Managing Partner, GGV Capital)—have an unscripted and honest conversation about getting companies to trust your software as a startup, selling to the smallest big customer, and creating a mental map on failures and successes by reading up on companies and their leaders.


APIs Unplugged: APIs and Data Privacy

Skyflow Head of Developer Relations Sean Falconer and Skyflow Solutions Engineer Harsh Karmarkar join the Radio MuleSoft team to discuss the importance of data privacy, techniques to balance data privacy and utility, and the role APIs play in this ecosystem.


HIMSS Accelerate Health Podcast Startup Series 2021: Skyflow

Skyflow's CEO and Co-founder, Anshu Sharma, and HIMSS' Accelerate Health Senior Manager, Mary Sheridan, discuss how data privacy and security is needed now more than ever as we develop more virtual care technologies and patients' information is being shared on digital platforms in exchange for services and goods.