Protecting PII Across Any App, Any Data, and Any LLM

In this fireside chat, we discuss:
In this webinar, we discuss:
In this tech-talk, we discuss:
  • How Skyflow meets evolving data privacy needs in 2024
  • How Skyflow protects sensitive data throughout the lifecycle of LLMs
  • A live demo of Skyflow Data Privacy Vault in action
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The stakes have never been higher for modern businesses when it comes to protecting sensitive data while keeping up with the ever-evolving technology and regulations landscape. The question arises — how can you leverage LLMs while protecting PII and build trust with your customers? Skyflow helps you by isolating, protecting, and governing sensitive data with a data privacy vault.
Hear from Amruta Moktali, Skyflow Chief Product Officer, and Sean Falconer, Head of Developer Relations and Marketing, as they share insights, strategies, and discuss the latest LLM capabilities of Skyflow’s data privacy platform.

Amruta Moktali

Chief Product Officer, Skyflow

Amruta is an innovative, customer-focused product management leader with developer roots. Before Skyflow, she has held executive product leader roles at several software companies, including Cleo, Salesforce, Topsy Labs, and Microsoft. She has 25+ years of experience building products in search, AI, and analytics across multiple industries.

Sean Falconer

Head of Marketing, Skyflow

Sean Falconer has over 15 years experience working in research, engineering, product, developer relations, and marketing. Prior to Skyflow, Sean worked with the World Health Organization to help modernize development of the International Classification of Disease, founded, and led developer relations and experience for Google's Business Communication products.