Minimize Risk and Streamline Card Issuance

Securely manage sensitive customer data and avoid security and compliance risks. Keep data out of your environment, whether you’re using one card issuance platform or working with multiple vendors.

How Skyflow Helps

Connect your Skyflow Data Privacy Vault to any third-party card issuance service and rapidly achieve PCI-compliance.


Keep sensitive personal data secure by sending it from your frontend directly to your Skyflow vault, where it is stored and replaced with tokens.


Non-sensitive tokens are sent to your application backend and stored in your application database.


Your backend uses tokenized data to call Skyflow, which detokenizes this data and sends it directly to your issuer for card issuance.


Card details are sent back to Skyflow, where this data is stored in your vault and tokens are returned for application storage and future use.


Sensitive customer data is sent directly from your application frontend to Skyflow, which stores the sensitive data and returns tokenized data as replacement.


Non-sensitive tokens are sent to your application backend and stored within the application database.


Your frontend uses Skyflow to detokenize the stored tokens. Skyflow’s governance engine enforces what data is viewable and whether it’s shown as plaintext, redacted, or masked.

Why Skyflow

Avoid card issuance security and compliance risk with a simple integration that removes all sensitive card data from your environment.

Reduce Compliance Scope

Achieve and maintain PCI compliance quickly with Skyflow by offloading most aspects of compliance throughout the entire card issuance process.

Minimize Sensitive Data Handling

Skyflow enables secure workflows to de-identify sensitive data, execute custom code, and share this data with third-party services. Enjoy full support for end-to-end card issuance workflows across entities, components, and processes.

Shorten Integration Cycles

Quickly get started with Skyflow's flexible connection capabilities, using pre-built integrations for the most popular card issuer platforms or building your own.


“With pre-built integrations to customer onboarding and card issuance services, Skyflow is saving us a lot of time by completely isolating our environment from any PCI data. It's incredible what we can get out of a simple API.”

Alok Prasad, CEO

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