Maximize Business Flexibility with Secure Money Movement

Collect, manage, and use sensitive customer bank information while descoping your existing infrastructure from the responsibilities of data privacy, data security, and compliance.

How Skyflow Helps

Skyflow helps you safely collect, manage, and use sensitive customer bank information. Connect your vault to any third-party money movement platform and isolate your infrastructure from sensitive customer data.


Your customers link their bank account by logging into their online banking portal, and a token is generated and sent to your application to initiate the money movement request.


Your web or mobile app sends a financial data request to Skyflow, which intercepts and tokenizes sensitive financial data provided by the Financial Services Platform, stores it securely in the vault, and returns Skyflow-generated tokens to your backend.


Your application backend uses Skyflow-generated tokens to register a user’s bank account with a money movement provider, and issue a money movement request through Skyflow Connections.

Why Skyflow

Offload data privacy, data security, and compliance responsibilities when collecting and using sensitive banking information.

Secure Data Storage and Data Minimization

Isolate, protect, and manage sensitive customer data through the whole lifecycle so you can use it securely without replicating it across your infrastructure. Keep the scope of compliance to a minimum and skip the complexity of managing a patchwork of point solutions.

Fine-Grained Data Governance

Build and manage data access flows with the ease you need, within your organization and with third parties. Centrally control data access using any combination of policies, roles, and attributes for maximum security and flexibility.

Secure Data Sharing

Securely share customer data with third-party money movement platforms while reducing data security risks. Integrate with third-party services, run workflows, and more without storing any sensitive data.


"Skyflow is a big easy button. The ability to easily bring it online and get it integrated to what you're building is a huge accelerator."

Brian Greene, CTO

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