Data Residency Made Simple

Achieve compliance, address data residency requirements, and enter new markets with confidence – while avoiding the cost of replicating your backend infrastructure across multiple regions.

How Skyflow Helps

Store regulated data anywhere with your Skyflow Data Privacy Vault, located where you need it, and with fine-grained access controls and security built-in.


A US-based user’s sensitive data is sent to the US-based vault while an EU-based user’s sensitive data is sent to the EU-based vault. Skyflow sends tokenized data back to the frontend system.


Non-sensitive tokens are sent to your application backend and stored within the application database.


Tokens and other non-sensitive data are sent to downstream services to power analytics and machine learning. Only Skyflow needs to be deployed to customer regions because the backend infrastructure is isolated from regulated, sensitive customer data.

Why Skyflow

Collect and manage sensitive data with Skyflow and ease compliance with data residency requirements included in GDPR, DCIA, LGPD, PDPA, and other laws.

Your Data Privacy Vault, Located Where You Need It

Skyflow gives you the freedom to host your vault almost anywhere in the world while giving you total control over data residency and access. Your existing infrastructure is de-scoped from handling data residency, saving you time to market and money.

Always Encrypted

Keep your data encrypted at rest, in transit, and in memory. Skyflow’s patented polymorphic encryption utilizes multiple encryption and tokenization techniques to provide optimal security without sacrificing data usability.

Automated Audit Logs

Achieve compliance with data residency regulations and avoid cross-border sensitive data flows with Skyflow. Our platform automatically logs every action in your vault, providing a comprehensive audit trail. Easily investigate and audit data access using SQL queries, making it simple to prove compliance.


“Skyflow enabled us to set up vaults in different regions quickly – such as Bahrain and the UAE – without having to spend money and resources replicating our infrastructure. Implementation was easy, so we were able to quickly start supporting customers across EMEA while ensuring privacy and compliance.”

Michael tomlins, CEO

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