Data Residency 101: How to Scale for Global SaaS Growth

In this fireside chat, we discuss:
In this webinar, we discuss:
In this tech-talk, we discuss:
  • Data residency & its impact on global expansion
  • How Skyflow offers a scalable way to meet these challenges
  • Ways to successfully overcome data residency barriers
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Data residency, the requirement to handle customer data according to the laws of the country where the data originates, poses significant hurdles. Traditional approaches, like replicating infrastructure in each new region, lead to increased costs, operational inefficiencies, and security challenges. However, there's a more effective solution: a data privacy vault. Multiple regionalized data privacy vaults simplify compliance with data residency regulations, allowing businesses to expand without the burdens of traditional methods.
Join this webinar to learn how you can grow your SaaS business globally with a data privacy vault that:
  • Supports go-to-market in China and other countries with strict data residency requirements
  • Helps protect sensitive data throughout the lifecycle of LLMs
  • Keeps data encrypted even during queries and operations

Sean Falconer

Head of Marketing, Skyflow

Sean Falconer has over 15 years experience working in research, engineering, product, developer relations, and marketing. Prior to Skyflow, Sean worked with the World Health Organization to help modernize development of the International Classification of Disease, founded, and led developer relations and experience for Google's Business Communication products.

Chintan Sanghavi

Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Chintan Sangavi is a Senior Solutions Architect at AWS. Chintan has over 10 years supporting leading fintech and financial services solutions at companies like Credit Suisse and IBM. He is responsible for data security and data governance for Independent Software Vendors (ISV) partners on AWS. This program helps startups to differentiate their products, creates product roadmap & guides AWS ISV startups to build well-architected products.

Bill Tar

Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Bill Tarr is a SaaS evangelist and Senior Partner Solutions Architect at AWS. He represents the AWS SaaS Factory program, which is centered around understanding the needs of SaaS providers and equipping them with the technical and business guidance they need to be successful. The SaaS Factory provides a broad range of business and technical enablement resources for building, migrating, and optimizing SaaS on AWS.