Will Privacy Kill Generative AI?

In this fireside chat, we discuss:
In this webinar, we discuss:
In this tech-talk, we discuss:
  • Rising privacy concerns about the usage of ChatGPT
  • Solutions that can keep both privacy and generative AI alive
  • How organizations can share and operate on fully encrypted data
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As generative AI becomes more prevalent, concerns around privacy are rising. With recent bans on the usage of ChatGPT in several parts of the world, organizations are justifiably concerned about the accidental exposure of sensitive data.
Join Nishant Bhajaria, Privacy Engineering Leader formerly at Uber, Google, and Netflix, Anshu Sharma, CEO of Skyflow, and Amruta Moktali, CPO of Skyflow, to learn how:
  • Organizations across the globe are reacting to generative AI usage
  • Skyflow Data Privacy Vault enables generative AI and privacy to co-exist
  • Organizations can fine-tune LLMs like GPT to protect sensitive data

Nishant Bhajaria

Privacy Engineering Leader, Ex-Uber, Google, and Netflix. Author

Nishant is an executive in the cybersecurity and data privacy industry. He’s built and led teams at Nike, Netflix, Google, and Uber, and he recently authored the book, Privacy by Design: a runbook for engineers.

Anshu Sharma

Co-founder and CEO, Skyflow

Anshu Sharma is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He co-founded Clearedin where he serves as Executive Chairman, and Suki, a digital assistant for doctors. Prior, he served as venture partner at Storm Ventures and was vice president of platform at Salesforce. He has invested in over 25 startups including Nutanix, Algolia, Workato, and RazorPay.

Amruta Moktali

Chief Product Officer, Skyflow

Amruta is an innovative, customer-focused product management leader with developer roots. Before Skyflow, she has held executive product leader roles at several software companies, including Cleo, Salesforce, Topsy Labs, and Microsoft. She has 25+ years of experience building products in search, AI, and analytics across multiple industries.