Sensitive Data Analytics, Without Sacrificing Data Privacy

Address the compliance and security concerns associated with analyzing sensitive data – all while achieving zero-touch workflow execution through integrations.

How Skyflow Helps

Skyflow lets you de-identify sensitive data so you can keep it out of your data analytics pipelines without sacrificing data utility for analytics. De-scope your data warehouse and data lakes from the responsibilities of data privacy, data security, and compliance.


Gain deeper insights into your customer datasets with both batch-based and streaming processing.


Detect sensitive data with third party integrations, and then store and protect that data in Skyflow, which returns non-sensitive deterministic tokens.


Store tokens and non-sensitive data in your data warehouse of choice.


Optimize for secure and effective operation of BI and other analytics tools without compromising sensitive data. Skyflow’s deterministic tokens replace plaintext sensitive data, so queries using joins, counts, and group by operations run just like they would if they used plaintext sensitive data, but without breaking privacy.

Why Skyflow

Skyflow helps you de-identify sensitive data during your ETL process, replacing this data with non-sensitive tokens so you can maximize utility for analytics while minimizing risks.

Reduce Your Privacy, Security, and Compliance Risk

Reduce your privacy, security, and compliance risk – replace sensitive data with deterministic tokens, so youcan safely use tokens in your data analytics pipelines without compromising on key use cases or impeding critical analytics workloads.

Always Encrypted Data Analysis

Build machine learning models, analyze aggregate customer behavior, or build secure data triggers, you can query sensitive customer data without decrypting it. Control how data is viewed, whether it should be masked, in plaintext, or fully redacted.

Process and Analyze Sensitive Data

Process and analyze sensitive data easily and safely without the need for additional development or compliance work. Skyflow empowers you to extract, protect, and process sensitive data using custom code, giving you the flexibility to handle data in the way that best suits your needs.


"We are transforming healthcare here at IBM with data, AI and even quantum computing. This requires the highest level of trust from customers. The zero-trust architecture is core to doing this right."

Karl Wehden,
Accelerated Discovery Product Director

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