Tokenization is Not Enough

Comprehensive data privacy requires more than just tokenization. Skyflow Data Privacy Vault protects sensitive data with tokenization, encryption, zero trust, data governance, and more.

Our data privacy vault is delivered through modern, extensible APIs. Sign up for a demo to learn how Skyflow can help your organization.
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Skyflow has your sensitive personal data covered

Polymorphic Encryption

Keep your data encrypted at rest, in transit, and in memory. Skyflow’s unique approach to data security utilizes multiple encryption and tokenization techniques to ensure optimal security without sacrificing data usability.

Developer Friendly APIs

Build disclosure and deletion mechanisms into your app with a few lines of code. Skyflow’s robust APIs allow you to process customer disclosure and deletion requests without any manual intervention.

Eliminate Breach Impact

Remove all the personal information from your infrastructure and replace it with format-preserving tokens. With personal information securely protected in your Skyflow Vault, the rest of your infrastructure becomes less risky and more flexible, so you can move quickly and not break data privacy.

Workflow Aware Architecture

Manage and protect sensitive data without sacrificing usability. Skyflow allows you to safely use, share, and analyze data without ever decrypting or compromising privacy.

Faster Time to Market

Achieve compliance with a simple integration that removes all sensitive data from your environment.

Unassailable Data Privacy

Rest easy, your PII data is in a zero trust data privacy vault — the same approach used by Apple and Netflix.

Less Complexity

Replace pricey point solutions with a cost-effective data privacy vault designed for a variety of use cases.

Pairing tokenization with polymorphic encryption, data redaction and unlimited API calls, Skyflow offers an all-inclusive data security and compliance solution that integrates smoothly with your existing applications.

HIPAA and PCI Compliance
Issuer / Processor API Integrations
Identity and Access Management
Redaction / Masking
Polymorphic Encryption
Configurable Vault Schema
“Skyflow’s patient-centric data privacy vault is the right approach.”
Jonathan Bush, Chairman, Firefly Health, and former CEO, AthenaHealth
Skyflow customer and partner testimonials
"We were able to successfully deploy Skyflow in less than three weeks with the zero-trust vault architecture, and our total cost of ownership decreased by 67%."
Nitin Shingate, CTO, GoodRX
Skyflow customer and partner testimonials
“We were up and running on Skyflow in just hours, rather than the months it would take to build and implement even a fraction of this data privacy rigor.”
Boe Hartman, CTO, Nomi Health and former CTO, Goldman Sachs
Skyflow customer and partner testimonials
“Skyflow has taken the best ideas of data vaults built at companies like Netflix and delivered them as a service with a simple Stripe-like API.”
Jitender Aswani, Head of Data and Eng, Moveworks & Former Head of Security/Privacy Eng, Netflix
Skyflow customer and partner testimonials

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