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Skyflow Joins the Visa Fintech Connect Program to Help Payment Card Issuers Ship Faster

Skyflow is one of the 24 fintech companies selected for the program.

As the payment ecosystem evolves to a digital-first approach, consumers are able to shop and transact in new ways. They can utilize payment card products in a growing number of different transactions, for example, paying with cryptocurrency, providing benefits to employees, and streamlining delivery of on-demand services. 

This shift has created a proliferation of new fintech service providers, making it easier for issuers to deploy new products and services. With the flood of new providers, it is important to ensure that issuers are selecting the best providers in order to offer next generation solutions to consumers and businesses. To promote these solutions, issuers are partnering with promising new companies and helping them gain traction in the fintech marketplace. 

Last month, Visa announced the Visa Fintech Connect Program in the North American market to support the advancement of digital-first issuing experiences for Visa clients. The program is designed to remove the complexities of supporting and building in-house solutions. 

Visa has thoughtfully selected 24 technology providers for the initial launch that offer tools and solutions ranging from account opening, digital identity, customer engagement, and data security. Each partner is fully vetted through the Visa Ready certification process and provides special pricing for the program, removing the heavy lift for issuers to find, vet, and negotiate top providers.  

Our mission is to help issuers ship faster by removing the complexities of securing their most sensitive data while harnessing the data to improve the customer experience. Through Skyflow, issuers can securely handle payment data in order to reduce PCI burden, collect, and store customer PII data, and customize workflows from the vault to run credit, KYC, AML, and issuer cards through pre-integrations with over 20 service providers. 

Using Skyflow, issuers can allocate resources to ship new products and features faster without having to build a complex and secure data store and exchange. We’re excited to partner with Visa to drive best in class solutions to issuers.