Skyflow Announces New Partnerships with Top Fintech Ecosystem Players

Partnerships with Alloy, Moov, Plaid, Sardine, and Visa Make It Easier for Fintechs to Build Secure End-to-End Solutions

Skyflow, the leading customer data privacy company, announced technical partnerships with Alloy, Moov, Plaid, Sardine, and Visa today. These new partnerships and pre-built integrations with Skyflow’s Fintech Data Privacy Vault make it easier than ever for developers to ensure privacy, security, and compliance while sensitive data moves across the fintech ecosystem.

“We’re doubling down on the fintech ecosystem,” said Bjorn Ovick, Head of Fintech Business Development at Skyflow. “Fintechs face the same data privacy, security, and compliance issues as large traditional institutions, and most rely on a broad set of APIs rather than building these systems from scratch. Direct, native support from our partners is critical to ensure interoperability and data privacy across the fintech ecosystem so customers can focus on delivering their products.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Skyflow’s launch of Fintech Data Privacy Vault, a zero-trust privacy vault designed to address the data privacy, security, and compliance challenges faced by fintechs. With Fintech Vault, companies can address these challenges in days or weeks with a comprehensive solution, rather than taking months or years to build a similar solution in-house. And with Skyflow’s technical partnerships and pre-built integrations, it’s easier than ever to create privacy-centric architectures.

Skyflow’s Latest Partners

  • Alloy is an API-based identity decisioning platform that makes KYC and AML effective and simple. The partnership between Skyflow and Alloy protects the sensitive data collected and processed during customer onboarding.
  • Moov makes it easy for developers to accept, store, and disburse money. Skyflow’s partnership with Moov protects the card and bank account data crucial for facilitating the movement of funds.
  • Sardine is a fraud-monitoring service for the entire customer relationship lifecycle. Skyflow and Sardine together make the fraud monitoring process more comprehensive and secure.
  • Plaid provides an easy way for customers to connect their financial accounts. Skyflow is teaming up with Plaid to ensure the financial data remains protected at every step of the customer management process.
  • Visa is the world’s leader in digital payments. With the Skyflow-Visa partnership, fintechs can avoid the complexity of storing and protecting PII and PCI during card issuance, so they can focus on delivering and improving the cardholder’s experience.

What partners have to say about the partnership with Skyflow:

  • Alloy: “Data privacy and security are always top of mind at Alloy as verifying a customer’s identity requires sensitive information. We are excited to partner with Skyflow who is building an innovative solution for it,” says Richard Scioli, VP of Business Development at Alloy.
  • Moov: “Moov is where user experience meets payment processing,” said Wade Arnold, Founder and CEO, Moov. “Because we obsess over creating elegant financial experiences, we’re excited to partner with a powerful, comprehensive solution that makes privacy, security, and compliance simple. With Skyflow, our customers won’t have to build data privacy infrastructure and instead get to focus on shipping more features that bring value to their end users.”
  • Sardine: “Sardine was founded to alleviate fintechs’ massive burden of tackling fraud and risk. Skyflow started with the same philosophy to help fintechs with data privacy,” said Soups Ranjan, Co-Founder and CEO, Sardine. “Together with Skyflow, fintechs can focus on innovating on their core product offerings without the distractions. That’s why we are pleased to announce our partnership with Skyflow.”

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