June 15, 2021
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My Customer Data Journey From Salesforce to Skyflow

Customer data platforms helped us collect all this personal data to help us serve our customers better. Now we need to protect it.

My story starts in 2019. After building products like Einstein at Salesforce for seven years I decided I wanted to go work at a startup. I called Anshu. He had convinced me to join Salesforce years ago and I wanted to see what he was up to. This was the first time I heard why he and Prakash started Skyflow. 

We got together for dinner where we talked about the many privacy challenges we had seen customers struggle with at Salesforce. The food was good, the conversations were even better. They told me what they were building and I was intrigued. While the timing wasn’t right for me then, I knew the problem space was important and timely. 

A Leap Into Healthtech

Instead, I joined Cleo, a fast growing healthtech startup backed by Greylock and NEA. Cleo was building a platform for family benefits for employees. We had lots of sensitive data. I was dealing with questions around how to build for security, for privacy and for sharing of data while also meeting many compliance requirements around HIPAA, CCPA, SOC-2, and more. 

This gave me a firsthand experience in the data privacy problems Skyflow was trying to solve. As CPO at Cleo, these were my problems to solve. I could feel the pain and grok the challenges directly.  

I knew I wasn’t alone. It was clear that any company with sensitive data would have similar struggles and would need to build the same thing over and over again. The value of what Skyflow was building was clear.

Why not just build it as a service for everyone?

Skyflow: Data Privacy for Everyone

Fast forward to 2021. Skyflow had grown from its early stealth days of brainstorming and whiteboard sessions to a Series A company with a successful product on the market and happy reference customers. When I spoke with them, it was clear there was something special there and I had to jump on it. I am excited I finally made the leap!

Having known the founders for over 10 years, I often say joining Skyflow feels just like finishing a sentence. No pun intended!  

Try Skyflow

If you'd like to learn more about how Skyflow can help you to preserve the privacy of customer data, contact us.