When Privacy and Innovation Are Both P0 — With GoodRx

In this fireside chat, we discuss:
In this tech-talk, we discuss:
  • The modern privacy architecture for healthcare companies
  • Innovating with generative AI without compromising privacy
  • Building privacy directly into your tech stack
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Healthcare companies have a greater responsibility to protect their users’ sensitive data, everything from login information to prescription details. GoodRx adopted Skyflow to help them isolate and protect sensitive customer information. Skyflow’s data privacy vault allows for stricter governance controls, secure data sharing, and future-proofs their tech stack to ensure privacy is at the core of future innovations.
Listen in to Nitin Shingate, CTO of GoodRx, and Danielle Kucera, Product Marketing Lead at Skyflow, discuss:
  • Adopting an architectural approach to privacy
  • Navigating fragmented data privacy regulations and expectations
  • Leveraging generative AI without breaking privacy

Nitin Shingate

CTO, GoodRx

Nitin Shingate is the CTO of GoodRx. Shingate is a highly experienced technology leader, previously holding CTO positions at RxSense, a healthcare technology company, and Raise, where he was instrumental in architecting the company’s microservice platform and launching a mobile-first instant pay product. Prior, he was the General Manager at Overstock, leading the company’s OLabs growth and innovation division and e-commerce engineering teams. He also played a significant engineering leadership role at Facebook, where he directed software engineering, DevOps, and the architect team. Before joining Facebook, Shingate was the Vice President of Software Development at United Online, contributing to the development of NetZero, MyPoints, and

Danielle Kucera

Product Marketing Lead, Skyflow

Danielle Kucera leads the product marketing team at Skyflow. She started her career as a financial journalist for Bloomberg News and pivoted into the technology industry 10 years ago, eventually honing in on a passion for developer-led products, privacy, and AI after stints at Mixpanel, Okta and AWS. She is a customer-obsessed leader with a journalistic mindset and a passion for learning, teaching, and innovating.