July 12, 2023

Unmasking Online Fraud with SEON's Jimmy Fong

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In this podcast episode, Jimmy Fong, Chief Commercial Officer at Seon, discusses online fraud and the role of Seon's fraud prevention tool. Jimmy covers common fraud patterns, evolving tactics, and the challenges of distinguishing legitimate user behavior from fraudulent activities. He shares Seon's journey, emerging fraud patterns, and best practices for security. Jimmy emphasizes collaboration and information sharing, highlighting the potential of generative AI in fraud prevention.


  • How does online fraud work and why is it such a concern for online businesses and consumers?
  • What are some common fraud patterns that individuals or businesses should be aware of when conducting transactions online?
  • How has fraud patterns changed over time?
  • How do fraudsters typically exploit vulnerabilities in online systems to carry out their fraudulent activities?
  • Why fraudulently submit demo requests to a business? What is a fraudster attempting to do?
  • What are the challenges and complexities involved in distinguishing between legitimate user behavior and fraudulent activities?
  • How did Seon start?
  • Are there any notable trends or emerging fraud patterns that you've observed recently? How should businesses adapt to stay ahead of evolving fraud tactics?
  • What are some best practices that individuals and businesses can implement to enhance their overall security posture and minimize the risk of falling victim to online fraud?
  • How important is collaboration and information sharing between businesses, industry associations, and law enforcement agencies in combating online fraud? Are there any notable initiatives in this regard?
  • In your opinion, what does the future of fraud prevention look like? What role might generative AI play on both sides?


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