August 9, 2023

Rise of the Privacy Officer with Avellino Lab's Ray Everett

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In this episode, Ray Everett, Head of Privacy and Data Protection at Avellino Lab, joins the show to discuss the rise of the privacy officer. The conversation delves into the essential role of privacy officers, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of their responsibilities and the challenges they encounter. Ray offers practical advice on effectively finding and hiring privacy officers, as well as initiating and managing successful privacy programs. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of privacy protection.


  • How has the privacy landscape changed throughout your career? What are some of the big changes from when you started to today?
  • Can you describe the role and responsibilities of a Chief Privacy Officer? How has this evolved over time?
  • What does this function end up looking like within a large organization? Who’s on the team?
  • When should a company be building a privacy function? How do they know they need it?
  • When a company decides to establish a privacy officer role, what factors should they consider in determining the scope and authority of the position?
  • How does one go about finding a qualified privacy officer? What skills, qualifications, and experience should be sought after?
  • What sets a great privacy officer apart from an average one?
  • Let’s say I’m a founder and I realize I should hire a privacy officer and build a privacy function, but I have no experience with it, I just know I need to do it. Where do I start? How do I know what to look for in a potential candidate?
  • During the hiring process, what specific interview questions should I be asking? What kind of positive or negative signals should I be testing for?
  • Even when privacy organizations exist, they are often under-resourced and under-appreciated. What are your suggestions or thoughts on how a privacy officer can work with an organization to prevent this from happening?
  • What’s the typical career path for someone looking to move into privacy? What do you recommend for those listening that might want to build a career in privacy?
  • What are your thoughts on the future of the privacy officer? Will they own more budget, have more authority?


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