February 21, 2024

Authentication and Identity Management with Descope's Rishi Bhargava

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In this episode Rishi Bhargava, Co-founder of Descope, joins the show to delve into the intricacies of authentication and identity management. Rishi, with his extensive experience in security, spanning from McAfee to Palo Alto Networks and co-founding Demisto and Descope, shares his insights on the evolution of the security landscape and the persistent challenges surrounding password-based security.

Rishi elaborates on the longevity of passwords, their inherent security weaknesses, and the efforts to bolster their security, often at the expense of user convenience.

The conversation shifts to emerging alternatives like passkeys, magic links, social logins, and biometrics, exploring their mechanisms, privacy implications, and potential risks. Rishi explains the nuances of passkey technology, addressing concerns about device theft, and the transition to new devices.

Rishi articulates his vision for solving unaddressed challenges in authentication and identity management, differentiating Descope from other passwordless solutions. He outlines the integration process, common migration challenges, and the factors that drive companies to switch to third-party authentication providers.


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