May 1, 2024

AI Deepfakes with Nametag's Aaron Painter

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In this episode host Sean Falconer is joined by Aaron Painter, CEO of Nametag, to explore the evolving threat and potential of AI deepfakes. They discuss the increasing sophistication of deepfake technology, highlighted by the significant rise in incidents such as the Retool hack, and how these technologies can manipulate public perception and security. Aaron discusses the development of technologies to both create and detect deepfakes, discussing the arms race that pits innovation against security.

Aaron shares insights into how his company, Nametag, is at the forefront of combating deepfake fraud by protecting identity data and providing solutions for both companies and individuals to safeguard themselves. They conclude with thoughts on the future, discussing the ongoing technological advancements that are expected to play a crucial role in the fight against deepfakes, aiming to balance innovation with security in the digital landscape.

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