Privacy-first COVID Apps, Deployed in Days

Quickly build secure vaccination and test apps for reopening. Open standards, HIPAA and PCI, and unmatched data privacy, delivered as an API.
Vaccination Credential Initiative
PathCheck Foundation

Deploy fast

Skyflow’s privacy-centric Covid-19 digital diagnostics and vaccination solution is built for speed.
Reporting Made Simple

Export to HHS WATERS, or set up customized, privacy-protected data sharing with other agencies or partners.

Built-in Privacy and Patient Consent

Polymorphic encryption keeps data protected, and our consent model gives patients control.

Mobile App for Easy Data Collection

An optional-to-use patient-facing app enables secure collection of test and vaccination data.

Open Standards and Regulatory Compliance

Best of breed security and privacy techniques, plus HIPAA and PCI compliance, are built in at the ground level.

Security Plus Interoperability

Policy driven governance tools allow simple, safe integration with EHRs, LIMs, and the full ecosystem.

Fast to Implement, Massively Scalable

Our software-as-a-service architecture is easy to connect to, and can scale to billions of data points.

Skyflow is a turn-key, end-to-end solution ready for

Government Agencies

Quickly deploy secure and trusted apps to safely reopen travel and commerce in your nation, region, or locality.

Private Industry

Build applications designed specifically for airlines and travel, entertainment and events, healthcare, or other use cases.


Identity and test verification, plus built-in data sharing consent controls, enable patients to return to the activities they love.

Three simple steps. Deploy in as little as 7 days.

Skypass Mobile App

The app is fully functional out of the box, but you can add your brand and any special functions or UI you require. Built on web technology, the app is easy to customize — no special skills needed.

Data Privacy Vault

Upload your device metadata or connect other parts of your system using the Skyflow API. All data is collected in the Skyflow data privacy vault, where it is queryable by SQL and accessible via API.

Data Reporting Engine

Direct export to HHS WATERS is built in, or use the reporting engine to set up privacy-protected data sharing to other agencies or third parties. Or set up sharing with commercial partners for monetization of aggregate data.

Your dev team will love working with Skyflow.

Skyflow is an API-first platform built by developers for developers. Use our APIs to perform analytics, run workflows, and even build entire applications on top of sensitive data while keeping it secure and maintaining privacy. And our highly extensible backend makes it easy for your team to adapt to ever-changing policy needs, or new opportunities to monetize.

Zoom Session on Skyflow for Healthcare

Karthik Rajan
Karthik Rajan

Head of Skyflow for Healthcare

Akshat Agrawal
Akshat Agrawal

Product Manager

Got questions? Want to know more? We’ll be doing a live presentation, product demo and Q&A session led by Karthik Rajan and Akshat Agrawal. Bring your questions about Skyflow and our turn-key Covid-19 solution.

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