Things I Learned Building Data Privacy Vaults at Netflix

In this fireside chat, we discuss:
In this webinar, we discuss:
In this tech-talk, we discuss:
  • Zero trust data privacy vault architecture
  • Solving data privacy, compliance, and security without compromising speed of innovation
  • Skyflow's solution for harnessing the power of sensitive data while preserving privacy
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Giants like Netflix, Apple, Google, and Goldman Sachs have solved the many challenges around data privacy, compliance, and security, and they’ve done it without compromising speed of innovation. How? The answer is the data privacy vault, which they each spent years building and now use to handle every bit of their PII and PCI data.
In this technical session, our special guest, Jitender Aswani, former Head of Security/Privacy Engineering at Netflix, will share lessons he learned while building data privacy vaults in the real world for the world’s largest movie streaming service. We’ll get deep into the topic of data privacy vaults and discuss:
  • How data privacy vaults work?
  • Benefits and challenges associated with data privacy vaults
  • How Skyflow Data Privacy Vault enables organizations to harness the power of their sensitive data

Anshu Sharma

Co-founder and CEO, Skyflow

Anshu Sharma is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He co-founded Clearedin where he serves as Executive Chairman, and Suki, a digital assistant for doctors. Prior, he served as venture partner at Storm Ventures and was vice president of platform at Salesforce. He has invested in over 25 startups including Nutanix, Algolia, Workato, and RazorPay.

Jitender Aswani

Former Head of Privacy Engineering, Netflix

Jitender Aswani leads data science and engineering at Moveworks, the market-defining conversational AI platform that delivers instant help at work. Prior to Moveworks, Jitender was head of Infrastructure, Security, and Privacy data science and engineering at Netflix. His team designed, built, and deployed scalable privacy-by-default and zero-trust big data solutions to enable engineering and operations teams to achieve consistent capacity, reliability, privacy and security gains. Jitender has also held data and product leadership roles at Facebook and SAP.