Product Webinar

Data Breaches Are Devastating. Don’t DIY PII.

In this fireside chat, we discuss:
In this product webinar, we discuss:
In this webinar, we discuss:
In this tech-talk, we discuss:
  • The true impact of data breaches on businesses
  • Business outcomes of adopting a data privacy vault architecture
  • Real-world demos of the data privacy vault in action
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Data breaches aren’t just a technical issue—they are a critical business threat. The consequences extend far beyond the immediate loss of data, leading to significant financial costs, irreparable damage to customer trust, and a tarnished reputation. Despite numerous security point solutions, organizations still struggle to effectively protect their sensitive information.
Join us to explore a first principles approach to data security with a data privacy vault. This solution isolates, protects, and governs PII, minimizing exposure by creating a single source of truth through a shared PII service model. Learn how this can help you comply with regulations like CPRA, GDPR, and DPDP, and de-risk your application infrastructure.
In this webinar, we will:
  • Explore the true impact of data breaches on businesses
  • Present the benefits and business outcomes of adopting a data privacy vault architecture
  • Showcase real-world demos of the Data Privacy Vault in action
Transform your data protection strategy and safeguard your business against the devastating effects of data breaches.‍

Amruta Moktali

Chief Product Officer, Skyflow

Amruta is an innovative, customer-focused product management leader with developer roots. Before Skyflow, she has held executive product leader roles at several software companies, including Cleo, Salesforce, Topsy Labs, and Microsoft. She has 25+ years of experience building products in search, AI, and analytics across multiple industries.

Sean Falconer

Head of Marketing, Skyflow

Sean Falconer has over 15 years experience working in research, engineering, product, developer relations, and marketing. Prior to Skyflow, Sean worked with the World Health Organization to help modernize development of the International Classification of Disease, founded, and led developer relations and experience for Google's Business Communication products.