HIPAA Compliant PHI Collection and Secure Data Sharing

Protect and secure customer data while maintaining privacy using encryption, tokenization, fine-grained access control, and masking rules. Easily and securely share sensitive patient data (PHI) with HIPAA compliant communication platforms.

How Skyflow Helps

With a simple integration, descope your infrastructure from technical aspects of HIPAA compliance by removing all sensitive PHI from your environment.


Store and de-identify patients’ sensitive PHI with Skyflow, which returns non-sensitive tokens for storage in your application database.


Non-sensitive tokens are sent to your application backend and stored within your application database.


Skyflow de-tokenizes the data that was passed from your backend and passes it to a HIPAA compliant email service.


A HIPAA compliant email service securely forwards the survey results to a doctor’s inbox.

Why Skyflow

Accelerate your HIPAA compliance journey by seamlessly integrating your systems with our simple yet powerful APIs, so you can remove all confidential health and patient data from your systems and reduce your compliance scope.

Reduce Compliance Scope

Get up and running and achieve full compliance with all of the technical requirements of HIPAA — plus PCI, GDPR, CCPA, SOC 2, and more — in days, not weeks, freeing you to focus on other issues that are critical to the success of your business.

Secure Data Sharing

By having Skyflow to take control of your customer data, you can maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations and protect medical data privacy when sharing PHI for business-critical workflows. You can also use Skyflow to take control of PCI data and retain the flexibility to negotiate with payment processors and easily switch providers if necessary, without risking non-compliance or vendor lock-in.

Privacy-Centric Access Control

Give your team differential data access to deliver patient care — a nurse has access to prescription records, but not unneeded insurance IDs; a receptionist has access to patient addresses and insurance IDs, but not prescriptions or biometrics.


“We were up and running on Skyflow in just hours, rather than the months it would take to build and implement even a fraction of this data privacy rigor.” Boe Hartman, CTO, Nomi Health and former CTO, Goldman Sachs.

Boe Hartman, CTO

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