Former UnitedHealthcare Chief Data Officer Fawad Butt Joins Skyflow to Deliver Privacy-first Covid-19 Solutions

Appointment of former data strategist for United Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente builds on Skyflow’s investment in privacy API and privacy cloud approach for healthcare

Fawad Butt, Strategic Advisor for Healthcare at Skyflow (Photo: Business Wire)

Today, Skyflow announced that Fawad Butt, a 20-year data governance veteran with previous roles as chief data officer of United Healthcare and chief data governance officer of Kaiser Permanente, is joining the company as strategic advisor for the healthcare business.

Butt will help guide Skyflow in designing and delivering fully customizable solutions to protect data privacy while fostering collaboration for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers. He will draw on his extensive experience in data science and governance that is unique to the healthcare industry.

Skyflow recently announced Skyflow for Healthcare, its data privacy vault designed for patient data and health entity interoperability, and the Skyflow COVID-19 testing and vaccination solution. Butt joins a team at Skyflow that includes former Athena CTO Prakash Khot as CTO, and former Athena co-founder Jonathan Bush as investor and advisor.

“The urgency for healthcare providers and their partners is very real in the post-Covid era,” said Anshu Sharma, CEO of Skyflow. “We’re excited to work with Fawad to help bring new solutions that not only secure privacy but also make it easy to share data and collaborate.”

“The challenges inherent to patient data have long been a drag on digital innovation for the healthcare industry. To build anything you must first solve for thorny issues like patient privacy and consent, secure data interoperability, data loss protection, and regulatory compliance,” said Butt. “Skyflow’s radically simple approach—a data privacy vault delivered as an API—solves for all of these out of the box, shortening development cycles and speeding the delivery of digital healthcare solutions to patients and caregivers. The growing need for privacy is a key reason why Skyflow is seeing such strong demand for its healthcare solutions a month after entering the market.”

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