Simplify Sensitive Customer Data Storage and Management

Maximize the security and utility of sensitive customer data and descope your infrastructure from security and regulatory requirements.

How Skyflow Helps

Send sensitive customer data directly to Skyflow for safekeeping. Skyflow isolates and protects this data, and governs access so sensitive data is only shared with authorized parties for authorized purposes.


Send sensitive data to Skyflow, which stores it and sends back tokens.


Store tokens, not sensitive data, in your application database.


Use Skyflow to display sensitive data to authorized users, either in full plaintext, partially redacted, or fully masked formats.

Why Skyflow

Manage sensitive customer data using the same approach that innovators such as Apple and Netflix use – a zero trust data privacy vault.

Secure Storage

Protects customer data using multiple encryption and tokenization techniques for optimal security, fast performance, and high levels of safe data usability. Skyflow’s polymorphic encryption protects customer data by encrypting it at rest, in transit, and during operations in memory.

Access Control

Provide highly specific and nuanced control over who can access sensitive data and in what format. Skyflow’s intuitive policy expression language makes access controls easy to configure and manage, protecting sensitive data from the point of collection and storage.

Secure Workflows

Skyflow enables safe and customized processing of sensitive data, and facilitates data sharing with trusted third-party APIs for messaging, email, and more - without requiring additional development or compliance work.

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“It was important for us to have a system in place that protected customer information, and that’s where Skyflow came in. Implementation has been a breeze, and it feels like Skyflow’s privacy experts are an extension of our team.”

Alison Bradley, CTO

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