Former Salesforce Product Executive Amruta Moktali Joins Skyflow as Chief Product Officer

Developer-focused Product Management Leader Who Launched Salesforce Einstein Platform and Microsoft Search Engine Joins Skyflow to Shape Data Privacy Architecture

Amruta Moktali Joins Skyflow as Chief Product Officer (Photo: Business Wire)

Today, Skyflow announced Amruta Moktali, an experienced product leader with successful stints at Cleo, Salesforce, Topsy Labs, and Microsoft, has joined Skyflow as Chief Product Officer. Moktali will lead all product and design of Skyflow’s data privacy vault for enterprise, fintech and healthcare companies.

Moktali’s appointment is in response to the company’s rapid growth in demand since emerging from stealth last summer and raising Series A funding in December. She joins an experienced executive team that includes founder and CEO Anshu Sharma, a former executive at Salesforce and Oracle, co-founder at ClearedIn and Suki, and investor at many companies including Workato; and recent hire CMO Paul Kopacki, former Heroku CMO.

Skyflow’s approach to PII, payments, and healthcare data radically simplifies how companies manage, access, and govern their sensitive data. The zero-trust data vault with an elegant API allows developers to focus on rapidly building applications and workflows, while Skyflow takes care of data security, privacy, and compliance with data regulations. Skyflow data privacy vaults support most industry use cases out of the box. Each vault is fully compliant with standards like PCI, PHI and HIPAA. Skyflow helps developers ship products in weeks rather than months or years.

Prior to Skyflow, Moktali held executive product leader roles at a number of software companies including CPO at Cleo, the family benefits platform; vice president of product management for Salesforce’s Einstein AI analytics platform; and Topsy Labs, a company that pioneered search and analytics on social data. She also served as senior product manager at Microsoft, where she led a key part of the Bing search engine team.

“Ensuring data privacy is a real pain point when building products,” said Amruta Moktali. “Security and compliance requirements can bring everything to a grinding halt and delay delivery for months, if not years. Skyflow’s data privacy vault solves the privacy problem at the core, so that developers can bring innovative products to market faster.”

“Data functionality and security go together. Yet, developers rarely have had the tools to get security right,” said Anshu Sharma, CEO and co-founder of Skyflow. “Amruta’s extensive knowledge of modern software development will help us continue to seamlessly integrate privacy in product development and drive new efficiencies in data security policy and governance to benefit enterprise, fintech and healthcare customers.”

For additional information, see Amruta’s perspective on the Skyflow blog.

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