June 22, 2021
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Data Privacy vs. Product Innovation: A False Choice

In this day and age, data is the key to building amazing apps. Successful businesses rely on insights derived from datasets to serve their customers better, whether it's Starbucks personalizing your drink order (order your usual) or Netflix predicting the likelihood of you liking a movie that just came out (53% match for you!)

This isn’t new, but recent years of software and hardware innovation have afforded use of large data sets more efficiently than before. It’s truly powerful to think about how you can personalize user experiences across all parts of a user's digital life, from banking and payments to hospitality to health. 

Your customers place an immense amount of trust in your safekeeping of their personal and sensitive information and it’s a responsibility that needs to be taken seriously. There is a new slate of laws in the United States, the European Union, and globally to protect user data. How can companies meet this dual responsibility of using data to serve their customers better and at the same time ensuring that their data is safe and secure?

This is why I joined Skyflow.

A Tough Problem

It’s a hard problem to solve. My recent foray into health tech at Cleo exposed me to such challenges — the cost to build and maintain, speed, complexity, lack of expertise, and constantly changing laws and regulations are just the tip of the iceberg.  Moreover, these challenges around data privacy and security are starting to impede growth and core innovation. For companies, they represent a choice — do we expand our product roadmap to innovate or do we build one more layer of security, one more feature for privacy, one more tool for compliance? 

These two verticals are often pitted against each other — the false dichotomy of picking between data privacy or product innovation. Skyflow rejects this dichotomy — we think you can ship faster while securing the data.

Breaking the False Dichotomy

Skyflow, with its data privacy vault, provides a comprehensive solution to secure your customers' sensitive data (PII, PCI, or PHI) in a way that allows you to harness all the power of data without any compromises. Skyflow helps companies and application builders ensure privacy of data by not requiring them to go through complexities of stitching together several different approaches and point solutions such as encryption, tokenization, governance, redaction, key management, data residency, compliance, and so much more.

The best part - it's all done via a simple API and a rich access layer consisting of SDKs, proxies, queries etc., making it easy to adopt and integrate within existing architecture. 

I’ve worked with a 360 degree view of data for most of my career, from web search to analytics to AI driven insights, and I can confidently say handling of sensitive data will continue to get more complex. With our world-class engineering team, Skyflow is tackling this complexity for you. 

Skyflow is uniquely positioned to serve the secure data architecture of the future--helping you to ship faster while protecting your data. 

I am convinced that in 10 years most companies storing consumer data will protect them in a data privacy vault. The shift has already begun.

Closing Thoughts

As I start my journey here, I’m excited to make Skyflow the data privacy vault for every industry. Join us on this journey (we’re hiring across all teams- sales, product, engineering, and marketing).

And, if you're interested in using Skyflow Data Privacy Vault to isolate, protect, and govern sensitive data, contact us.