November 15, 2023

Why PII Data Isolation Matters with Skyflow's Roshmik Saha

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In this episode, Roshmik Saha, Co-founder (Engineering) at Skyflow, discusses the critical importance of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data isolation. The principle is straightforward—separate sensitive and non-sensitive data for effective data governance and privacy. The conversation covers historical origins, government use, and real-world examples from companies like Apple and Google.

The episode explores why PII isolation is vital, detailing risks and consequences of not implementing it effectively. Roshmik contrasts data isolation with encryption and access control, emphasizing practicality. "Zero trust" in data security is introduced as a verification-centric approach. Challenges in isolating PII are acknowledged, with a focus on security principles.

Best practices for PII isolation include a "need to know" basis and fine-grained access control. Roshmik provides advice for organizations, urging them to prioritize isolation, avoid integration pitfalls, and adopt a zero-trust mindset for enhanced data security.

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