September 7, 2022

Privacy by Architecture with Anshu Sharma

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Anshu Sharma, CEO and founder of Skyflow, joins the show to discuss a radically different approach to privacy, the data privacy vault. With a data privacy vault, a company is making the architectural decision to move their sensitive customer data out of their existing infrastructure and into a vault. The vault is isolated and protected, becoming the single source of truth for all sensitive customer PII, effectively de-scoping existing systems from the responsibilities of compliance, data security, and data privacy.

The data privacy vault makes the principles of privacy by design actionable, creating a system for engineers to implement the principles in the form of privacy by architecture.

Topics covered:

  • How did you end up with an interest in working in the data privacy space
  • Why should companies care about privacy?
  • Why is privacy hard for companies?
  • What is a data privacy vault?
  • Where did this technology come from?
  • How does the data privacy vault help with things like data security and compliance?
  • How is this different from just a dedicated encrypted database for PII?
  • Why haven't more companies built their own vaults?
  • Why is an API the right way to deliver this technology?
  • How does the vault facilitate data utility while still protecting the data?


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