VIVE 2024


February 25, 2024 9:00 AM

On Demand

Skyflow is proud to sponsor VIVE 2024! Discover how Skyflow can help you innovate quickly and protect the privacy of health data in LLMs and beyond while easing compliance. Be sure to stop by booth #1455 to chat with our experts about how we're re-inventing data privacy with Skyflow Data Privacy Vault.


March 23, 2022 10:00 AM

Enabling Data Privacy and Payments with an API

Businesses need to store sensitive data like names, emails, credit cards, and banking information to support features like account creation and payments. But storing sensitive data is a compliance and security burden. And traditional approaches to maintaining data privacy for payments are complicated, full of silos and abstractions. In this technical session, we’ll show how you can enable data privacy and payments with Skyflow and Moov through a live interactive demo.


How APIs Power Privacy, Security, and Compliance

In this episode of Breaking Changes, Postman Chief Evangelist Kin Lane welcomes Anshu Sharma of Skyflow to talk about his journey of building technology products and transforming how businesses handle their users’ financial, healthcare, and other personal data via a simple API.


Is Privacy Really a Tech Problem? And Who Owns It?

How do you manage your company's privacy program to secure sensitive data in your apps, while also meeting the expectations of customers and other stakeholders? Skyflow's CEO, Anshu Sharma, and DataGrail's CEO, Daniel Barber, share best practices to develop your privacy program, as well as how their customers are approaching privacy.


A Privacy Professional’s Guide to the Modern Data Privacy Stack

In this session, Skyflow’s Chief Privacy Officer, Robin Andruss, and Co-founder and CEO, Anshu Sharma, share what chief privacy officers and other privacy professionals should know about the landscape of data privacy technology and the best-in-class data privacy technologies that companies can use to tackle common data privacy problems, such as tracking data flows, determining where sensitive data resides, and govern how it is used.


Data Privacy in a Composable Architecture

Skyflow's Head of Developer Relations, Sean Falconer, shows how you can solve challenges like data security, privacy, and compliance with a data privacy vault, an architectural pattern that isolates, secures, stores, and tightly controls access to manage and use sensitive data.


What if privacy had an API? DojoLIVE

DojoLIVE's Tullio Siragusa and Kim Lantis chat with Skyflow's CEO and Co-founder, Anshu Sharma, to learn about the history of Skyflow, the "bankification" of companies, and the future of data privacy.


Data Privacy Vaults 101: How to Isolate, Protect, and Use Your Sensitive Data

Join Skyflow's Product Managers, Akshat Agrawal and Evis Drenova, in a discussion on data privacy, data privacy vault use cases, examples of data privacy vaults in the wild, and a workshop on how to create a (simple) data privacy vault of your own. (Live workshop from fintech_devcon 2021)


Things I Learned Building Data Privacy Vaults at Netflix

In this live technical session, we’ll get deep into the topic of data privacy vaults. You’ll learn how they work, the benefits as well as challenges associated with them, and alternatives to building your own. Our special guest will be Jitender Aswani, former Head of Security/Privacy Engineering at Netflix, who will share lessons he learned while building these solutions in the real world for the world’s largest movie streaming service.


API Data Privacy Discussion with APIs You Won’t Hate

Skyflow Head of Developer Relations Sean Falconer talks with APIs You Won’t Hate podcast host Mike Bifulco about how to design APIs for privacy, and how to design APIs with data privacy in mind.