What is a Data Privacy Vault? Why Do Fintechs Need It?

Increased security and privacy concerns are forcing financial technology companies to consider how they deal with what is often their most valuable asset — their data. This requires a difficult balancing act where security and regulatory requirements conflict with business goals. Security requires locking down data while fintech companies want to use that same data to derive insights in an agile manner.

But to protect medical data privacy, you need more than training and procedures that help you comply with HIPAA—  you need effective data governance technology. Skyflow Healthcare Data Privacy Vault gives you just that.

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“Skyflow has taken the best ideas of data vaults built at companies like Netflix and delivered them as a service with a simple Stripe-like API. They can solve use cases that most vault efforts struggle with!”
Jitender Aswani, Head of Data and Eng, Moveworks
Skyflow customer and partner testimonials
“Skyflow is a big easy button. The ability to easily bring it online and get it integrated to what you're building is a huge accelerator.”
Brian Greene, Co-Founder & CTO, HMD Labs
Skyflow customer and partner testimonials
“We were up and running on Skyflow in just hours, rather than the months it would take to build and implement even a fraction of this data privacy rigor.”
Boe Hartman, CTO, Nomi Health and former CTO, Goldman Sachs
Skyflow customer and partner testimonials
“Skyflow’s patient-centric data privacy vault is the right approach.”
Jonathan Bush, Chairman, Firefly Health, and former CEO, AthenaHealth
Skyflow customer and partner testimonials
"Getting up and running with Skyflow was easy, which meant we could focus engineering resources back on our core product."
Alan Szternberg, co-founder and CTO, NachoNacho
Skyflow customer and partner testimonials
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