Deliver Secure, Privacy-Safe Customer Communications

Use third-party APIs for secure text, voice, and email communications without additional compliance and data security risks.

How Skyflow Helps

Skyflow helps you collect, use, and manage sensitive data without increasing your compliance or security scope.


Your customer contact details are sent directly from your application frontend to Skyflow, which stores the sensitive data and returns tokenized data.


Non-sensitive tokens are sent back to your application and stored within your database.


Tokens represent contact details like customer phone numbers, emails, and names. Skyflow detokenizes contact details and sends them directly to a third party messaging service.

Why Skyflow

Skyflow enables safe and secure communication with your customers through programmatic text messaging, phone calls, and emails. Skyflow also descopes your systems from having to secure sensitive customer data, streamlining your communication processes and reducing compliance risks.

Reduce Compliance and Security Scope

With Skyflow you can isolate and protect your customer data using multiple encryption and tokenization techniques for optimal security and fast performance, while maintaining high levels of data usability. Skyflow’s patented polymorphic encryption ensures that your customer data is encrypted at rest, in transit, and during operations in memory.

Powerful, Privacy-Centric Access Control

Give your team member just the customer data she needs to serve your customers. Grant access to only her assigned customers during business hours, restrict data access by IP address, show only the last four digits of a passport number, and more.

Secure Data Sharing

Integrate your Skyflow Vault with any third party API and securely share your customer data to facilitate customer communication. Use your customer data while preserving privacy and minimizing data security risks.


“We chose Skyflow to isolate and secure PCI in the vault so we can reduce our overall compliance scope and be payment processor agnostic.  The data privacy vault in our architecture allows us to isolate the sensitive data from the point of collection and radically simplifies our security, privacy and compliance requirements.”  

Tushar Vaish, CTO

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What is a Data Privacy Vault?

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