Payments Data Privacy Vault

Quick, secure PCI compliance, and much more. As easy as an API.

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More Than Tokenization

Tokenization included. Unlike other token vaults, with Skyflow you can run search and SQL analytics on fully encrypted data.
And no limits on API calls.

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Customer key management, fully customizable data schemas, REST and SQL APIs. Runs in your own dedicated VPC — AWS, GCP or Azure.

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Data Governance & Access Control

PCI compliance is just the beginning. With Skyflow, you control who sees what, when and how. Full DLP, ABAC and more.

Ship Faster

Get up and running and achieve full
compliance — PCI, GDPR, CCPA, and
more — in days, not weeks.

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Lower TCO

Replace a difficult-to-maintain patchwork of point solutions with a single cost-effective data vault.

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Secure Data Use

Leverage the power of your sensitive data in any workflow or application without ever decrypting the data.

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Zero Trust Data Vault

Secure your data using the same
best-of-breed architecture Apple and Google
spent years and many millions building.

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The Power of the Platform

Skyflow Payments Vault inherits all of the key features of the Skyflow Data Privacy Platform.

+ Zero Trust Data Isolation
+ Built-in Tokenization and Encryption
+ Row-level Security
+ Customizable Data Residency
+ Easy Integrations
+ Secure Cloud Functions
+ Data Governance & Auditability
+ BYO Encryption Keys

Skyflow Data Vault Platform

How It Works

Securely capture sensitive financial information in the Skyflow Payment Vault, where it is encrypted and tokenized.

Use our unified APIs to make secure calls from within Skyflow to partners to retrieve credit data, run KYC checks, issue cards and process payments. Your systems never see sensitive data.

Create RBAC, ABAC, and/or PBAC policies to define how your sensitive data is accessed and used. Every action is logged and auditable.

How Skyflow works with your app, your system, and the ecosystem

PCI Compliance

Use our tokenization and encryption engine to tokenize card holder data and accelerate your PCI compliance.

Data Governance

Manage access to your sensitive data with our data governance tools that allow you to create granular access policies at the column, table and user level, and support RBACs, PBACs, and ABACs.

KYC Verification

Leverage one API to connect to leading KYC verification services, allowing you to run checks on customers and store their data directly from the vault.

Bank Account

Reduce fraud and deliver a better customer experience by authenticating bank account information, thanks to our partnership with Plaid.

Retrieve Credit Data

Run credit checks and store credit data for decisioning and other permissible uses into the vault with simple APIs that communicate directly with Experian, Transunion and Equifax.

Securely Process

Process payments securely within the vault via API connections to leading payments processors, eliminating your PCI burden and strengthening your security.

Issue Cards

Our APIs that communicate directly with leading debit and prepaid card issuers, allowing you to create card programs and issue cards to consumers from the secure confines of the vault.

Zero Trust Controls

Fully audit, track and verify every access request made to the vault to ensure that only the right entities are accessing your data.


Securely connect your application or workflow to the ecosystem with pre-built integrations for KYC, credit data, bank account authentication and payment processing.