December 29, 2021
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Is Privacy Really a Tech Problem?

Many businesses still approach data privacy as a compliance and risk mitigation problem. Instead of viewing data privacy as an operational challenge, leading companies recognize that data privacy is really a technology and infrastructure challenge.

When a customer shares their PII data with your business, they put their trust in you. It’s your responsibility to uphold their trust — both ethically and legally. But if you’re approaching data privacy without the right technology, it can feel like an endless task: quarterly audits, meetings with lawyers, privacy reviews, etc. With Skyflow and DataGrail, you can build data privacy into your products and infrastructure by design, ease compliance burdens, and do right by your customers. This lets you avoid the false dichotomy between providing data privacy and getting to market quickly.

PII Can Be a Headache for CTOs

Skyflow’s CEO and co-founder Anshu Sharma recently discussed this dichotomy with Daniel Barber, the CEO and co-founder of DataGrail. They shared experiences meeting with technology companies that face seemingly impossible compliance challenges, compounded by the lack of actionable information available to most CTOs when tackling PII compliance.

Even seemingly straightforward products and services can run into complex problems. As each team within a company begins using PII data, they independently adopt systems that the security team is unaware of (known as shadow IT). Soon, PII data is flowing freely throughout these systems, and without proper logging, it can be nearly impossible to track down. 

Privacy by Design

Anshu and Daniel discuss how their products help you to find and centralize your PII data. They also discuss how you can use Skyflow and DataGrail to head off compliance issues, even if you are moving into a new market with a new set of legal requirements. DataGrail helps you find shadow IT systems that often contain PII and handle data subject requests (DSRs). And by centralizing and storing PII data in Skyflow’s vault, you can have total discretionary control of all PII data, making it easy to comply with DSRs without blocking your teams from using that same data to build products.

To learn how you can address the complex issues of data privacy and compliance, check out their discussion below: 

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