January 20, 2022
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Go Beyond Basics with Skyflow’s Quickstart Environment

Committing to a solution always feels better when you get the chance to try it out first with no risk. If you’re interested in Skyflow but are unsure how it will fit into your architecture, Skyflow’s new trial environment and Quickstart experience give you an easy way to try it out.

Maybe you need to test out Skyflow’s API to see how well it fits your development needs, or you might need to go deeper to check Skyflow’s fit in your tokenization and data governance scenarios. You might even need to evaluate integrating Skyflow with a third-party service like Visa using Skyflow Connections. You can prototype these integrations and more using the trial environment. You’ll also get added to Skyflow’s developer Slack channel where you can get help and ask questions.

Accelerate Evaluation for Key Use Cases

You can use our Quickstart Vault schema to hit the ground running or use our simple drag-and-drop UI to build a custom vault schema. The Quickstart Vault is designed to support multiple use cases, so after you learn how to make API calls to Skyflow, you can try:

  • Tokenizing data
  • Configuring data governance
  • Securely connecting your vault to a third party service 

You can make your first API call in minutes thanks to a streamlined authentication and Quickstart experience for trial users. Authentication is easy — it takes just one click to get a temporary API token in the trial environment, so you can get up and running quickly. 

The Core API Quickstart guide shows you how to store and retrieve sensitive data from your trial vault using the Skyflow API, laying the foundation for you to try out the rest of the features. This guide covers two ways to use the Skyflow API: with an auto-generated Postman collection, and by manually writing cURL requests. 

Auto-Generated Postman Collections

If you’re using Postman, Skyflow will automatically generate a Postman collection specific to your new vault. This collection lets you start inserting data right away. 

An auto-generated Postman collection

If you’re not using Postman, our guide includes a code snippet with a cURL request to insert some sample data into your trial vault. 

Docs on using a cURL request to insert sample data into your trial vault

After you’re set up, you can use our other Quickstart guides to check out other features, such as tokenization, data governance, and third party service integrations. 

Give Skyflow a Try

Our Quickstart experience helps you to test out Skyflow, giving you insights into how we can help you to protect sensitive data without sacrificing data usability.

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